Cubane is a revolution in client relationship management, time tracking and project tracking. Utilising next generation web physics and real time data, Cubane allows small to medium business to actively maintain their client relationships whilst managing their companies time, products and projects quickly and efficiently.

A fully customisable company setup allows Cubane to be used by many different types of business. We built Cubane because we were tired of using a small part of multiple applications to achieve the simplest of business tasks. With Cubane you can manage your staff, clients, projects and business from one cloud based application.

Client Tracking

Cubane is designed to make tracking your clients easy and effective. We have all used client databases in the past and these are often clunky, slow or both. We utilise a concept of allowing client information to grow, with rewards for the user on completing fields and ensuring accuracy. Live sourced information will allow you to get a real sense of your clients and what makes them tick - hobbies, interests, families, company progress, etc.

A simple overwatch for each client shows your progress, what you last spoke about and any upcoming events or milestones. You can quickly see current progress and make a call or send an email in only a click.

Project Tracking

As we designed Cubane to solve our own issues with workflow, project tracking is a key element of Cubane. As a creative agency we have a lot of projects of different sizes on the go at any time. It is critical to be able to monitor, manage and evaluate projects at any time - seamlessly ensuring that the correct resources are applied in the correct places.

Clients want project updates and project managers want to know the exact state of the project without having to manually harvest the information. Cubane’s simple and efficient web based panel allows all members of a project team to post their updates, add files and notes and record progress.

Time Tracking

If we want to create an efficient business, we have to be able to record how we use time. Time is a billable product and whether you sell products or services, time is always a cost factor. With Cubane, we make time tracking easy. Whether you are a developer assigning time to a task or project, or a salesman speaking to potential leads, by recording how much time you put into any particular event, this time can be billed or used as a metric to further improve efficiency.

Cubane allows automatic time tracking on phone calls and emails whilst making it super easy to record time using the built in timer. Our smart approach to how people work ensures that the time tracking elements of Cubane are intuitive and exactly where you need them.

On Track

This is the unique metric within Cubane that gives you realtime feedback on your business performance on a client, project and time level. By displaying the ‘On Track’ score of any particular client, project, contact or time entry, Cubane prompts the user to improve the On Track score business wide. This simple metric allows you to manage resources and ensure that all your clients or projects get the amount of time and attention that they require to be successful.

All Features


  • Client, Project & Time Tracking
  • Real Time Client Relevant Data Feed
  • Contact Management
  • Xero Integration for Accounts / Invoicing
  • ‘On Track’ Business Performance Metric
  • Next Generation Platform
  • IPCortex SIP Integration
  • Google Apps for Work Integration
  • Native iOS (With TouchID) & Android Apps
  • Instant System Search


Sign Up For Beta

While waiting for the private Cubane Beta, we will send you updates on the development process by email and let you know when we are ready for people to try the beta.