Create a new Cubane Project

This tutorial guides you through the creation of a new website. As we follow the tutorial along, we will step by step incorporate new structural elements and features into the website.

Let’s start by choosing a project. Feel free to pick a theme by yourself; for the purpose of this tutorial, we will assume that we are tasked to build a new website for, let’s say The history of programming languages.

To create a new project, run the following command:

$ cubane --create example [email protected]

Our site shall list commonly used programming languages, will inform its visitors about the history of each language and will also offer a number of books for each language.

We’ll assume you have cubane installed already. You can tell if Cubane is installed and which version by running the following command:

$ cubane --version

If cubane is installed, you should see the version of your installation.


If you get an error that the command cubane could not be found, then cubane might not be installed.

You may also need to add the cubane bin folder to your system path in order for your shell to find the cubane command.