Getting startedΒΆ

Cubane is:

  • For visitors to provide a fast and high-quality website experience
  • For owners and staff members to provide a very simple and effective way to edit content and business data and
  • For developers to enable them to deliver the above continuously without redeveloping key parts over and over again.

We hope that Cubane can make your life as a developer easier by providing a set of tested tools to solve common development challenges in various business domains.

Cubane is written in python and is based on the Django web framework. Cubane adds additional concepts that will help you to build websites and backend systems even faster.

Building websites that deliver a great user experience for visitors and content editors alike - but are also high performant at the same time - is a complex task; To do it continuously on a deadline is really only possible if you have a set of tools that get you there.

New to Cubane? Walk your way through this tutorial to get up and running quickly.

See also

Cubane is based on Python and Django. If you are new to Python (the language) or Django (the framework), you might want to start by getting an idea of what the language or the Django framework is all about before diving into Cubane.